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About MRA

The company started as a new business in 1999. The people and equipment had previously been part of the Rebuild Department of Simpson Industries for many years. The average tenure of our people was 28 years so we have an excellent experience base from which to draw. We have retained these people and addedsome new to enable the continuity of various skills via creating an apprenticeship environment since many of the needed skills are learned on the job. We have transformed from being a service group for one company to a provider of services for many companies.


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MRA can provide you with many turn key solutions:

• Automated Assembly, Material Handling
• Vision Inspection & Identification Integration
• Robot Integration
• Special Machines
• Machine Rebuilds
• Electrical Controls
• Laser Alignment & Balancing
• Spray Welding - Metallic & Ceramic
• Emergency & Scheduled Field Service
• Hand Scrape / Fit Slides